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[New!] ** 6/1/2022 ** -> Due to lack of demand and the economy, we are sorry to announce that we are NO LONGER CUSTOM SEEDING!

However, we are trying to expand our farm by leasing or purchasing farmland.

We are also considering selling our Cross-Slot drill.

** 7/20/2020 ** -> Just reviewed our websight, and did a few little updates. Including, updated the weather page with rainfall totals.

We are Now Offering OnSite Service Calls for Cross-Slot Drills!

Photo Albums

Without requests of what people would like to see, I have not been updating as many pictures, as I think I have most things covered already. If you want to see something imparticular, please let me know.

FARMING PHOTOS.. via iCloud, will be updated more often!

My Farm Shared Photo Album

Custom Seeding Shared Photos

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A Little About Us

I grew up on a farm in the Palouse region of the Pacific Northwest.  In 2005 I came back to my parents family farm. Jonelle and I have been working to transition the farm operation over to us.  I have taken on more responsibility including managing our hired help, planning our rotations, marketing our grain sales and running the day to day operations.  Jonelle has taken on the crop planning, insurance, office duties and bookkeeping.  While we are still in the process of this generational transition, Jonelle and I believed that Custom Seeding helps us with our long-term goals.  2005 to 2010 I gained experience seeding over 10,000 acres, utilizing reduced tillage techniques (in a typical two-pass system) and look forward to seeding for you with our new Ultra-Low Disturbance (No-Till) Drill. 

In the fall of 2012, Jonelle and I joined the farm partnership and the partnership was renamed to match our Custom Seeding business.  While we would like to grow our farming operation, we are still custom seeding and look forward to visiting with you about how we may be able to assist you with your planting or farming needs.

We now have experience on seeding around 50,000 acres with this no-till drill.  We have made several modifications on the drill frame and the opener since we started seeding in the fall 2010.  These modifications help improve our seeding ability and adaptability to the variety of crops and conditions we operate in.  In the summer of 2015, we purchased a service truck to better provide for in-field repairs on our equipment, wither we are custom seeding or farming on our own farm.  This addition and the modifications we have made to our drill, have helped reduce down time due to breakdowns during our busy seasons.   Additional information on our service truck, can now be found in the NEWS section.

If you would like specific things added to our website, please contact us.  Its hard for me to know what you would be interested in seeing on our website, so if you have an idea, please let me know. 


Custom Seeding with Cross Slot Technology    
  • Capable of seeding through most residues, without burning (I actually dislike seeding into burned ground)
    • Seed directly into CRP (excellent tool for expired CRP grass).
    • Inter-Seed and/or fertilize directly into CRP to help rejuvenate the CRP stand.
    • Inter-Seed and/or fertilize directly into hay fields to improve your hay quality.
  • GPS - reduces overlap, map of seeded area and adds the ability to do variable rate applications of fertilizer and/or seed.
  • Save time, allowing you to do other things.
  • Ability to seed more acres in a day, by having an additional drill.
  • Access to newer technology before purchasing it yourself.
  • Know your costs, beforehand.  Great for budgeting.
    • Acres are billed off of FSA field acres (you do not pay for overlap).  
  • Good Depth Control for Accurate Seed and Fertilizer Placement
  • Very low surface disturbance
  • Unique Inverted 't' Design
  • Computer controlled down force

No-Till Benefits

  • Reduce Erosion
  • Retain More Moisture
  • Improve Soil Quality and Health
  • Improves Air Quality
  • Improves Water Quality
  • Reduces Fuel Usage
  • Benefits Wildlife
  • Requires Less Equipment
  • Reduces Labor and Saves Time

Our General Recommendations

  • Please know your fertilizer rate (GPA), seeding rate (LBS/A) and depth you would like the crops seeded by the time we show up.
  • Do not harrow or mow your residue, as our equipment will go through attached residue better than loose residue or piles.  We have seeded through standing dog fennel that had harvested around with no problem.
  • Do not burn your residue, this residue is very important, it both helps shade the ground, conserve moisture and reduces the weed pressure.
  • Ask Questions, we will do our best to answer them, or will try to find the answer for you

Our General CRP Take-Out Recommendations

  • Have the CRP Residue dead, several weeks before seeding.
  • Have a plan for weed control and nutrient management.
  • Have a plan 'B' for weed control.
  • Do not plow, disc, harrow, mow, cultivate or burn your residue, this residue is very important, it both helps shade the ground, conserve moisture and reduces the weed pressure.
  • Continue to monitor the crop and conditions all year, and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Seed directly into this dead CRP residue.


Our Custom Seeding Equipment

    • CASE IH QuadTrac
    • 25 foot drill frame from AGPro, Inc., with Cross Slot Openers
    • 105 bushel AGPro Air Seed Box with Scales (helps keep track of seeding rate).
    • AGPro Seed Delivery System with Seed Tube Monitors
    • 1600+ Gallon Cone Bottom Liquid Fertilizer Tank
    • Computer Controlled Fertilizer and Seed, Keeps Rates More Accurate and Helps Reduce Overlap
    • GPS Guidance (OmniStar correction)
    • Hydraulic Fill Auger and Seed Box Clean Out Kit

    Crops we have seeded with this drill include: 

    Winter Wheat (HRW and SWW)
    Spring Wheat (DNS and Soft White)
    Canola (Spring and Winter)
    Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)
    CRP - multi-mix

Since 2010 we have seeded in a variety of areas and in extremely different conditions.  We have seeded out in the irrigated regions of Central Washington (Ritzville and Othello areas), in the dryland areas of Lamont, Dusty, Lacrosse, Hay, Hooper, Prescott, Walla Walla, St. John and Rock Lake, the intermediate rainfall areas of the Colfax, Garfield, Tekoa, Oakesdale and Pullman and the higher rainfall areas near Plummer and Worley, ID. 

Contact Information

Double J Farms G.P.
Jon & Jonelle Olson
28042 SR 27 Garfield, WA 99130
Phone: 509-339-5522 
E-mail: jon@customseeding.com


Member of PNDSA (Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association).

Member of WPGA (Western Pulse Growers Association, formerly WPLGA).

2016 was the International Year of Pulses (as specified by the UN).


Last modified: 6/1/2022